Daisy Ozim

Health, Technology, Social Justice.


About Me

A Nigerian by blood, Bay Area Native by birth, I’ve been involved in community organizing and advocacy since my late teens. Having experienced trauma and homelessness as a young person, I use my lived experience as the foundation of my professional work to promote health innovation and equity.

My philosophy for my personal life, healing work and professional work is super simple. I believe trauma and disenfranchisement underlies all of our industries and interactions. Moving from that understanding, I seek to connect with individuals and the work I want to do on a deeper level in order to incite change from a place of decolonizing. To me, to decolonize means to shed the layers of mental, physical and spiritual program caused by existence in a world rooted in cultural erasure and structural violence.

I also believe that the indigenous practices and ways of living set forth by our ancestors is what is going to transform society. Nothing more, nothing less. I also believe lived experience surpasses the need for degrees and titles and I utilize my lived experience as a way to bridge gaps and empower individuals.


Areas of Focus

01. Public Health Design and Impact

Utilizing principles of public health, racial equity and social impact, I support systems architecture, program design and more to promote health, equity and social change.

02. Technology for Social Justice

I support both individuals, organizations and institutions in utilizing emerging technologies to address social impact issues.

03.HEaling ancestral trauma

Acting more as a guide, I assist people in getting out of the fog of socialization, false expectations and unhealed trauma in discovering their true potential and how to support themselves and cultivate a life they desire. 

04.Public Speaking –
As an innovative and provocative conversation starter, I use my lived experience, knowledge and wisdom of living systems and human behaviors to inform my perspectives and empower audiences.


Past Appearances and Partners

Youth, Tech and Health Conference
IGNITE National Conference 
Institute for Health Improvement 
Decolonizing Social Innovation

Yahoo Executive Assistants Group
Planting Justice
Rosenberg Foundation

Google Tech Inclusion Conference
Tech Intersections Conference
AI & Fintech Forum
Kapor Center for Social Impact
DISCON Conference
From Founder to CEO 
Nourising the SOL Conference
Simulation Lab
Silicon Valley Fintech Forum
Breaking The Silence" Bay Area Town Hall on Women & Girls of Color
UC Berkeley Mental Health Conference 




"Daisy's vision, intuition and drive to help people is unmatched.  Daisy can cut to the deeper meaning and give you some much needed perspective in a time when we can be all too myopic."  

- Mindy C , New Resource Bank

"I was utterly blown away...within 30 minutes Daisy left me better educated... specifically on wetiko and the significant impacts of trauma in a way that will inform how I approach my work and efforts moving forward. She did this within 30 minutes, I'm still kind of shocked by how effective and influential her brief speech was and am looking forward to see what I'll gain by spending a bit more time in her presence."

-Kwaku osei, ceo cooperative capital

I want to express my most humbled heart felt thanks for a job well done.  Daisy’s delivery was compassionate, informative and also provocative. She peaked the interest of our audience, and clients in ways that is invaluable and a very large part as to why Black Infant Health truly exist.  her strong presence gave an incredible sense of assurance that the work would get done.  Many of our guest continue to give strong accolades about the conference and also about DAISY in particular.


At our annual Young Women Run conference, Daisy provided an engaging workshop on tech and blockchain. The young women learned the basics and walked away with a strong understanding of the issues we are faced with in tech and what  they can do to ensure equitable outcomes. Daisy has a strong command of the subject and delivered an amazing workshop! 

-Aileen Zhong, IGNITE National

Daisy was able to do an individual reading for me that absolutely reinvigorated my inner sense of self-assurance. I am not someone who ever really seeks out or relies on astrological-based knowledge, but I found myself blown away by the detailed insight and almost eerie level of accuracy of what Daisy laid out for me over just a short time at our first meeting. What moved me so deeply wasn't just the knowledge Daisy tapped into, it was the way she laid it out to me-- in complex detail, building on what she knew of my past and present to raise truths for me internally about where I'd been and where I was heading. The result was a sense of inner cohesion and resolve that stays with me months after, as I embark on new pathways. I appreciate Daisy's attunement to issues of social justice and how they influence an individual's path. I can't wait to continue working with her.

-Susannah Delano, Closing the GAP CA

Amazing. I really don’t have words for a phenomenon, it’s hard to describe.  Have you ever met a person and thought, “wow I really just met someone special, someone who is going to create change in the world?” Daisy is fierce and passionate about empowerment and truth, and you can feel it when she walks in the room.  Its palpable. That was the feeling I had when I met Daisy 4 years ago at a workshop a UC Berkeley.  Since then she has started her own organization Resilient Wellness with culturally appropriate programming. She is not waiting to help her community. She is one of those who has her sleeves up and is doing it!  She is truly impressive. She was kind enough to come to our Solidarity in Mental Health Summit as a panelist in 2018.   She lit the room on fire with her passion, intelligence and humor.  I can’t wait to see what she is going to do next!

-Janine Greer, Director, Berkeley City College Wellness Center

The training our team did with Daisy was eye-opening! We were able to better understand the effects of generational trauma, which was mind-blowing. Daisy was able to take us through the science and help us understand the need for self-care to deal with the effects of all of our trauma. Every day I carry what I learned and I share it forward to help other people build their knowledge and capacity for empathy and self-care.

-Dianna Trembay, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Daisy Ozim is amazing. She offered two phenomenal workshops to our group of social justice fellows as part of our program retreat. Daisy seamlessly connected self-care strategies to each fellow’s work, and helped each fellow to develop attainable self-care goals. Our fellows enjoyed her so much that we’ve asked her to be part of our program faculty, and she will begin working with a new group of fellows this year. 

Naomi Briley, Rosenburg Foundation

Daisy Ozim was a workshop presenter last year at the Sol Sister’s first annual mental and emotional wellness conference, Nourish the Sol. Daisy was excellent to work with while setting up workshop presenters, she was very quick in her responses, passionate and knowledgeable about her workshop topic, maintained professionalism throughout the process, and showed flexibility with any changes that happened during the coordination of workshop details. Daisy presented on "Eating to Live vs. Living to Eat: Nutrition and its Impacts on Our Mental Health” which was one of the popular workshops that we had at the conference. She kept her audience engaged by being a dynamic presenter that went beyond just doing a powerpoint presentation but instead was hands on with her audience. Many of the attendees gave feedback on the conference workshops and stated that Daisy’s session was informational, engaging, and relevant to their daily nutritional choices.  

-sHANICE s, Sol Sisters Society


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